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The seeds for In Extremo first began as an idea to meld medieval music with rock. In 1994, Thomas & Michael's (Michael was later known as "das Letzte Einhorn") band, Noah, invited some members of Corvus Corax as guests to a joint music session in Berlin's Franzklub. This one time event gave them the idea that the two music styles could in fact work together afterall & in 1995 Einhorn, Teufel, Reiner, Thomas, Detlef Mahler & Die Lutter got together in their OBST rehearsal room, had a few drinks & out of everything, the good part was the song, "Ai Vis Lo Lop".

After some line-up changes, Flex & Dr. Pymonte joining, the name In Extremo was decided on in 1996 & rehearsals began. In 1997, parallel to recordings for their first acoustic CD, "In Extremo", the maxi, "Der Galgan" was recorded in a Berlin studio. Copies were sent & promptly rejected so they ended up getting some concert bookings, the first being on Mar. 29, 1997 for 1,000 people in Liepzig, & selling the CD there where they sold well.

On June 4, 1997, Knorkator's singer, Stumpen, invited them to play for his concert series at the Franzklub which presented unusual bands & projects. This resulted in a publisher contract, contact w/ the booking agent, "Extratours" & a glowing review in Rock Hard magazine! Another outcome was the joining of Yellow Pfeiffer who'd also been at the show (so named because of the yellow clothes he'd been wearing at the time...). Near the end of 1997, Doro Peters from the Berlin label, Veilklang, saw the band in Liepzig & soon became their manager.

On Easter of 1998 their second acoustic CD, "Hameln" was put out & days later they were back in the studio recording their debut, "Weckt die Toten!" in less than 14 days. With this, concerts, interviews, photo ops, etc it was an insane & trying time.

In 1999 they started work on their next CD, trying to take a more relaxed approach, but Einhorn's pyro accident in Mannheim on Mar. 28, 1999 had the band wondering if they'd ever be able to continue. Einhorn, however, left the hospital a few weeks later & work on the CD continued. "Verehrt und Angespien" came out at the end of 1999 & shocked the band w/ it's high entry on the charts. Right after this they began a new tour but Thomas fell ill & had to cancel so they recruited Sebastian to take his place until he was better. Poor guy had to learn everything in 3 weeks but proved to be worthy... He did it & the show went on.

In 2000 work began on the single, "Vollmond" which was later released that summer & an almost 6,000KM tour of northern Europe began. On Mar. 8 of this same year, during a benfit concert for Christoph Zimmermann, who died in a tragic plane accident, Thomas approached In Extremo w/ the news that for health reasons he was retiring from music & wouldn't be playing w/ them anymore... so Sebastian became St. Sebastian & was in it for the haul. All this was shortly followed by a small tour through the US & Mexico & then back to Europe, the highlight being able to play the Roskilde festival in Denmark.

Work on their 3rd CD, "Sünder ohne Zügel" began & it was released Sept. 9, 2001, again amazing the band w/ it's chart success (#10!). Though having a bit more electric elements than they'd had in the past they plan to re-direct themselves toward more acoustics again in the future... -Mikki 4/02

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